Ribbons of Euphoria

Their first album was released in 2014 by D-drop Recordings.

The songs are a combination of many influences and inspirations of the group, from its founding (2007) until the production of this album with the recordings taking place in 2011.

released October 2, 2017

Produced by Ribbons of Euphoria
Released by D-drop Recordings
Distributed by Fuzz Overdose Records

Reaching for the Skies

A Mini LP composed through 2016.

released October 2, 2017

Recorded at Experience Studio through 2016.
Mastered at Vintage Studio.
Produced by Ribbons of Euphoria, All Rights Reserved.
Distributed by Ikaros Records, Athens, Greece.

You don't Care

RoE's 3rd album recorded between August 2020 & August 2021

released May 19, 2022

Recorded at Experience Studio
Produced by Experience Music & Ribbons of Euphoria
EU Distribution by Ikaros Records